The Nakar Initiative

Nakar is a pristine town located off the eastern coast of Luzon in the Philippines. It was chosen for this project because of its vast coconut plantations, fertile lands, magnificent sceneries and proximity to the soon to be built world class sea port.

The Nakar Initiative is about the re-planning and redevelopment of 15,000 hectares of coconut farms impacting 5,897 farmers and their families, and will be dubbed as the Experimental Living Community of Tomorrow (ELCOT).

The reformative and transformative changes will introduce:

  • Diversification and Clustering of agricultural lands, livestock, township, social infrastructures, touristic installations and research & development.
  • Communal Farming Enterprise promoting¬† new farming technologies, increase productivity and ensure sustainable markets.
  • Combined Plantation and "in area" Processing¬† for fast turn around of goods.
  • New Farming System with Professional Management from both local and international
  • Organic, Green energy and zero waste concepts
  • Generation of Funds from New Capital Markets to finance the project.
  • A Reformative Farm Profit-Sharing System to both farmers and investors.

The Nakar Initiative is intended as a pioneering farm system model that will have a life of only twelve (12) years so that at the end of the period, the Project will be turned over to the farmers for their own management, with the understanding that the farmers and their successor-generation will be trained for a gradual take-over over a 12-year period.