About Us

We represent a collaboration of philantropists, entrepreneurs, land developers, agronomists, bankers, economists, scientists, sociologists, commodity traders, hoteliers, restaurateurs, global investors and more than 5897 modern urban farmers taking sustainability into their hands with nature as our amazing partner in building something extraordinary.

We are promoting a sustainable revitalization program we call "The Nakar Initiative". Through the cooperation and creative thinking of our partners and friends, we will model a community where we can farm our land responsibly, grow our food naturally, market our produce globally, generate our energy efficiently while preserving proper balance in our eco-system for the next generation. We are creating a  renewable Green City, focusing on uplifting the lives of  our farmer community and sharing our experiences as a pioneering social-farming-tourism model to the world.  It is like going back to nature using 21st century innovation.

Borne from The Nakar  Initiative, this is project  ELCOT:  The Experimental Living  Community of  Tomorrow, a social-farming-tourism model for the 21st century.


"The  Truth  is  not  in  India,  the  truth is  not in the  Himalayas, the  truth is  within each one of  us.  But  it  requires  mentors  to stimulate  and  awaken that  sleeping  beauty  that  is  within  all of  us."
                                                                                                            - Arwan  Stephen

Agriculture  is  not  just  about  growing  food.  Agriculture  impacts  every aspect of our lives.